Doula Programming

If you are a social service agency looking to provide doula services to your clients CARE doula is your solution!  We have many models of programming to work with your unique needs as an organization. Some of these include,

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  • Doulas in residence
  • Training of your staff to work in this role
  • Sustainable doula programs with continuity of care for your clients

We work closely within an integrated model to develop programming that is unique to the clients you serve, and resources available.

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Doula Training

Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to be trained with CARE doula. Our trainees have opportunities to work within our partner organizations serving the vulnerable pregnant population. Our training is unique. Training with CARE includes up to date research relevant to the CARE population. We focus on how these challenges translate in the doulas unique role. We provide mentorship and continued education to compliment your training.

Some topics include,

Sexual abuse and its effects in the childbearing woman
Addictions and mental health/Recovery
Family systems and domestic violence
Housing challenges
Attachment theory and dysfunction
Trauma and brain development

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